Money4GOOD (2 days)

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Sam Adams

Vert Asset Managment

Sarah Adams

Vert Asset Management

Darya Allen-Attar

Morgan Stanley

Vanessa Jilot

Terra Blue Wealth Management

Mandar Apte


Marci Bair

Bair Financial Planning

Stephen Ban


Angela Barbash

CSRIC, Revalue LLC

Lynn Benander

People's Solar Energy Fund

Adam Bernstein

Gitterman Wealth Management LLC

Daniel Blake

University Impact

Herb Blank

Global Finesse

Earl Bridges

Good All Over

Richard Bronson

70 Million Jobs

Elgin Chau

Act Analytics

Gideon Cohn

Good Capital Investment Group

Shaheen Contractor

Bloomberg LP

Jennifer Coombs

College of Financial Planning

Ariane Daguin


Brittany Damico

The Wealth Consulting Group

Bill Davis

Stance Capital

Julie Davitz

BNP Paribas Bank of the West

Dan Farrell

Privos Capital

Todd Fein

Green Diamond

Jose Galvez

Solar One

Jeff Gitterman

Gitterman Wealth Management

Chris Goolgasian

Wellington Management

Gary Grewal

Facet Wealth

Nyasha Gwatidzo


Jonathan Hanwitt


Brett Hickey

Star Mountain Capital

Jeremy Hunter

Executive Mind Leadership Institute

Gil Jenkins

Hannon Armstrong

Stephanie Jones

Cultural Heritage Economic Alliance

Ivka Kalus

Promethos Capital

Lori Katz

Emu Advisors

Stephan Kerby

You Are The Change

Sheila King

Eagle Asset Management

Faith Legendre


Tim Lindsay

Highlander Innovation

Robert Ludke

ENODO Global

Douglas Lynam

LongView Asset Management

Anna Mabrey


Maureen Maguire

Terra Blue Wealth Managment

Sonal Mahida


Colin Mangham

Biomimicry LA

Pam Marrone

Marrone Bio Innovations

Brian McConnell


Asha Mehta

Acadian Asset Management

Rowe Michaels

Alpheus Water Fund

Ravi Mikkelsen

Atmos Financial

Kiley Miller


Wayne Miller

Nura Health

Christian Møller-Holst


Terry Mollner

StakeHolders Capital

Betsy Moszeter

Green Alpha Advisors

Matthew Nordgren


Andrew Olig


Victor Orozco

Bair Financial Planning

Curt Overway


Scott Pansky

Allision + Partners

Ann Pereira

Wellness Universe

Adriana Piltz

Nicky's Gardens of Hope

Edward L. Quevedo, J.D.

The Foresight Lab

Chad Reed

Hannon Armstrong

Cedric Rimaud

Climate Bonds Iniative

Gabe Rissman

Stake PBC

Andrew Rodriquez

Change Finance, PBC

Kristin Romaine


John Rosser


Johanna Salazar

Two Goats

Steven Salsberg

American Sustainable Business Council

Wayne Sharpe

GEM Global

John Simon

Total Impact Capital

Diane Sobin

Tradition Asset Management

Paul Thanos

Dept. of Commerce

Maaike Tiedge

Wildling Shoes

Mike Unwin

ACT Analytics

Ambreen Waheed

RBI - Responsible Business Initiative

Nathan Walworth PhD

CoValence, LLC

Kerry Watterson

Fundraising Well

Chris Wedding

Entrepreneurs for Impact

Tony Wibbeler

Bolder Industries

Doug Willmore

World Tree

Doug Woodring

Ocean Recovery Alliance

Carol Zoubek

CJZ SRI Planning and Investments

Money4GOOD (2 days)

Tuesday, June 30th & Wednesday, July 1st

1st Round Agenda

Money4GOOD (2 days)

Tuesday, June 30th & Wednesday, July 1st


Natixis Investment Managers serves financial professionals with more insightful ways to construct portfolios. Powered by the expertise of our multi-affiliate model, we apply Active Thinking® to deliver proactive solutions that help clients pursue better outcomes in all markets. Natixis ranks among the world’s largest asset management firms

World Tree was originally founded in 2002 as World Tree Technologies Inc. a US corporation based in Mesa Arizona. Wendy has traveled to Brazil, Paraguay, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the USA to learn how to successfully grow and manage Empress Splendor trees, and has over 20 years knowledge and experience working with these trees.

While the Empress Tree is known and greatly prized in Asia, it is relatively unknown in North America. World Tree has been an innovator, leading the way in researching the best way to plant and grow the tree, educate the public in the properties of the tree, and train farmers how to successfully cultivate it.

Eagle Asset Management, an affiliate of Carillon Tower Advisers, is built on the cornerstones of intelligence, experience, and conviction, driven by research and active portfolio managers. Our long-tenured investment teams manage a diverse suite of fundamental equity and fixed income strategies designed to meet the long-term goals of institutional and individual investors. Our teams have the autonomy to pursue investment decisions guided by their individual philosophies and strategies.

Founded in 1998, Impax offers a range of listed equity, fixed income, smart beta and real asset strategies.
All strategies utilise the firm’s specialist expertise in understanding investment opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable economy.
We are engaged investors, in regular dialogue with companies in our portfolios and reporting on our stewardship activities to our clients.
Where possible, we endeavor to measure and report on the positive environmental and societal impacts of our investments.

Gitterman Wealth Management is a leader in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), Sustainable and Impact Investing space, offering investing solutions for individual investors and other financial professionals. Noted as an “ESG Expert” by Financial Advisor Magazine, Jeff Gitterman has been featured in numerous publications, including Barron’s, Forbes, Morningstar Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Money Magazine, The New York Post, Affluent Magazine, and many others.

Jeff also speaks frequently about ESG integration and Sustainable / Impact Investing at conferences throughout the United States and Canada, including Morningstar, FA Magazine, Bloomberg, Fidelity, Barron’s, and many others. In 2018, he was named RIA “Thought Leader of the Year” by

Over the past several years, Gitterman Wealth Management has also hosted several large sustainable investing conferences for financial advisors in New York City, with the 2019 and 2018 conferences, as well as the 2019 Family Office Impact Summit, taking place at the United Nations Headquarters.

Renewal Funds is a mission venture capital firm investing in early growth stage companies in Canada and the United States. We add value for entrepreneurs through capital, networks, and expertise. We deliver above market returns for our partners while catalyzing positive social and environmental change.

Uncommon is a new financial services company centered around “doing good in uncommon ways.” At the forefront is a virtual community connecting individuals with nonprofits by matching their passions to charitable causes while providing discovery, transparency and feedback for individuals, corporations and wealth managers. Donations would be facilitated through a digital wallet specifically designed for giving. Uncommon plans to combine its digital giving platform with a fully integrated generosity ecosystem providing a seamless experience through payments, impact investing and donor advised giving – all with the goal of reversing the decline in charitable giving and volunteerism. Adding thought leadership and inspiring content, Uncommon seeks to ignite a generosity movement

Descartes Labs is the first company to offer a data refinery that combines a multi-petabyte library of geospatial data with customers’ internal data for building predictive models. And Descartes Labs is the only company to combine a highly scalable data processing and modeling platform with a massive geospatial data library. We help enterprise customers create competitive advantage and minimize environmental impact by scaling data science innovation, automating decisions, and transforming themselves into self driving organizations. Headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Descartes Labs has offices across the United States serving customers globally.

Our vision is to divert more solid waste from landfills than any other single effort over the next 10 years
To accomplish this, we solve challenging environmental issues for the industrial waste industry by developing sustainable products and services through technology

Allison+Partners is a global communications firm with one P+L. The agency has 30 offices worldwide and is large enough to handle complex assignments, yet small enough to be nimble in our approach for any client. It’s offices are filled with academics, amateur philosophers, data geeks, artists and never-say-die entrepreneurs. Agency team members are focused on solving tough challenges for today’s brand leaders. It’s teams build insights through data and anthropology, strategic opportunities through a deep and nuanced understanding of culture, and content through an obsession with authenticity.

Not just electricity, but also the power we provide commercial and industrial (C&I) building owners to take back control of how they access and use energy.
There are 120 million C&I buildings in the U.S. alone. They consume 75% of all domestic electricity generated. We see their 87 billion square feet of flat rooftops as potential power plants.
Unlocking these idle real estate assets will create trillions of dollars of new value for building owners, businesses, and local economies. We have the vision, experience and backing to make it happen. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. That’s Point Load Power.

VertueLab is a nonprofit fighting the climate crisis by providing funding and holistic entrepreneurial support to cleantech startups. As one of the first organizations in the country to make direct, program-related investments in cleantech startups, VertueLab has proven that their unique model can accelerate climate solutions that are key to reversing the climate crisis. Through a decade of work, VertueLab has created over 480 jobs, and awarded over $7 million in funding to more than 60 startup companies. VertueLab’s mission is to unleash innovation and entrepreneurship that will solve environmental challenges and catalyze shared economic prosperity.

Green Kid Crafts is the leading award-winning monthly subscription kit for kids that delivers a new STEM and STEAM learning adventure to families each month. Green Kid Crafts encourages creativity, literacy, and environmental education through thematic kits designed by educators and scientists to foster a generation of environmental leaders. Earth, wildlife and ecosystem science, environmental activism, geography, math, art, technology, and engineering are woven into each themed kit, all made with carbon-neutral, sustainable materials. Green Kid Crafts has recently been honored with a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award and NCW Eco-Excellence Award and is the top-ranked subscription box for kids by the New York Times, My Subscription Addiction, and Parent’s Choice. Celebrating shipment of its millionth kit last fall, Green Kid Crafts has grown an astounding 765 percent over the past two years.

Nicky’s Gardens of Hope was created by Adriana Piltz to ensure that her highly disabled autistic son would have a place to live after she passed away. It is the first holistic and sustainable village for Adults with Autism and IDD (Intellectual Developmental Disability) that is designed for quality of life and community integration. Its model elevates the quality of services while providing education, employment & life activities. The open village-like environment reduces barriers between the disabled & the community and integrates Adults with Autism & IDD into the larger world, further reducing the stigma of disability. These kinds of services require a life-long commitment by service providers so Nicky’s Gardens of Hope has developed The Balance Risk Revenue model to be self-sustainable by using tools such as the B corp., impact investing, and recurring revenue streams from incubated business lines that fulfill the needs of the community.

Money4GOOD (2 days)

Tuesday, June 30th & Wednesday, July 1st


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